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Monday, August 08, 2005

1964 BEATLES TRAY we go again with another Beatles item that at one time was reproduced. Rooster's picked up this 13" in diameter 1964 Beatles serving tray. It is hand varnished and had an oven baked finish. The original trays have 2 known characteristics that separate it from the c 1970's reproductions. 1) The trays originally had one of two paper manufacturing labels on the back. Worcester Ware or MTM (Metal Tray Manufacturing). 2) The reproductions were marked "Made in England" while the originals were marked on the front bottom "6 MB MADE IN GREAT BRITAIN". This tray no longer has the back label. It does, however, have the correct bottom mark. It is unknown to this person if there was ever a reproduction that had the Made in Great Britain mark. This tray will go for sale in the shop.SOLD IN SHOP FOR $85 beatlesbeatles1

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